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Subscribe to the US Faceter's Guild Faceter's E-mail List
USFG Faceter's List Home Page
Check Out the Internet's First 'Zine for Rockhounds
Bob's Rock Shop / Rock&Gem Magazine Online
Join a Faceting Club or Guild
Membership Page for the United States Faceters Guild.  Membership is not limited to US citizens.  The USFG's quarterly newsletter is worth the price of membership.
Bob's Rockshop has a listing of nearly 1000 U.S. Mineralogical and Lapidary Clubs and Societies.
Check out the UK Facet Cutter's Guild webpage.
Basic Information on Faceting
Information, How-to and Resources for beginning faceters.  Frida Lindhom's excellent website describes basic faceting equipment and accessories, how to use faceting tools, step-by-step cutting information, gemstone information. resources and much more. Great photos!
Tom's Facet Pages  Tom Herbst's website contains tips and techniques, as well as some of Tom's easy to cut gemstone designs.
Making a Gemstone by Glen Probst.
  Basic information on faceting and how it's done as well as information on Moh's hardness, etc.
Learn How to Facet
William Holland School
Gemology and Gemstone Information
Tangent Ratio Calculator
Gemological Institute of America
Real Gems Information about gems & minerals. Great photos!
Basic information about gems Has lots of links to other gem information
Beyond 4Cs Gemology Info Page Has lots of links to free gemology courses and gem information
Faceting Machine, Equipment and Accessories Manufacturers
BATT lap information page
Poly-Metric Instruments Poly-Metric Faceting Machines
Jarvi Tool Company Facetron Faceting Machine
Gearloose XS3 Faceting Machine
Professional Gem Tools Dichroscopes, Cobbing Equipment and Loupes
Ultra Tec Manufacturing Ultra Tec Faceting Machine
Create your own Faceting Designs in GemCad
Gemcad Website by creator of GemCad, Robert Strickland
BOG Website Free gemstone optimization software by Tom Herbst
Images in Rocks and Minerals This website has some spectacular art images of rocks and minerals. One could spend hours looking at all the beautiful images, or purchasing them.
Earth Images
Database of Faceting Designs on the Web
Faceting Designs on the Web at Bob's Rock Shop
Birthstones and basic geology information.
Birthday Express
A Comprehensive Directory of Jewelers Nationwide
Jeweler Central
 ORDER    Faceting Rough Catalog Index    Gemstone Properties    Faceting How-To    Links
Whats New Email Lists    Return Policy    Testimonials    Contact Us

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